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House Rule - New Characters and Character Tree.

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House Rule - New Characters and Character Tree.

Post by The Hive Mind on Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:58 am

Can now be created, no points system though, going for the rolling system instead, i find the point system unbalanced and players simply maxing out there primary statistics.

Remember when creating a new character that it can be the same as an existing class in game, there isn't and shouldn't be just 1 void master Seneshals or arch militants aboard a vessel, just try to give them different goals and follow a different style of play so they are all not clones of one another.

Starting level is 1, this is non negotiable, the reason for this is to keep the longevity of the game afloat. Clever play from characters can keep them alive in tougher circumstances as can not charging blindly into a fight before seeing whats around a corner. Think of them as fresh new red-shirts...

The First Xeno class has now been sanctioned for work aboard the Forward Unto Dawn: ORK FREEBOOTER and there subclasses: Ork Commando, Ork Mek,

The Following classes are in demand aboard the Forward Unto Dawn and can be started at Lvl 2: Seneshal, Astropath, Navigator and Missionary.

Players may have a character tree of up to 3 characters total. They can be activated at any time and only 1 may be used per scene, i.e. aboard the Forward Unto Dawn, part of a boarding party, attending a diplomatic function, etc etc.
There must be role playing involved and if the character does nothing but hang at the back then no XP will be rewarded to that PC.
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