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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:13 pm

Whereas some heroic paths allow characters to communicate with animals or mimic their abilities, the beast has simply become one. Long years of suffering under the yoke of the Night Kings and their foul minions has taken the last shred of civilization from the beast, forcing him to revert to a more primal state to cope with the loss and pain that surround him. By living on instinct alone, the beast is better able to control his surroundings and survive in the harsh world that Izrador has created. The beast lives by only one code, kill or be killed. He is loyal to those he trusts and dangerous to those he does not, and once he sets himself loose on an enemy there can be only one conclusion to the conflict.
Beast Abilities by Level

Level Ability
1 - Vicious assault, wild sense
2 - Bestial aura
3 - Magic fang (self only) 1/day
4 - Bull’s endurance (self only) 1/day
5 - +1 Str or Con
6 - Vicious assault
7 - Rage 1/day
8 - Greater magic fang (self only) 1/day
9 - Cat’s grace (self only) 1/day
10 - +1 Dex or Wis
11 - Vicious assault
12 - Enhanced bestial aura
13 - Magic fang (self only) 2/day
14 - Bull’s strength (self only) 1/day
15 - +1 Str or Con
16 - Enhanced wild sense
17 - Rage 2/day
18 - Greater magic fang (self only) 2/day
19 - Freedom of movement (self only) 1/day
20 - +1 Dex or Wis


Vicious Assault: The beast is so vicious and aggressive that he can tear enemies to pieces with his bare hands. He gains two claw attacks. At 6th level and 11th level, the beast’s claws deal greater damage as shown on the chart below. Because these are natural attacks, the character may make both claw attacks at his normal BAB. He also qualifies for the Improved Natural Attack feat.

Level Medium Small
1st    1d4     1d3
6th    1d6     1d4
11th  1d8     1d6

Wild Sense: At 1st and 16th level, the beast may choose either low-light vision or scent as a special quality. If the beast already has low-light vision and chooses that option, he becomes able to see three times as far as a human in poor lighting.

Beastial Aura: The beast is vicious and territorial, and at 3rd level can make animals or beasts aware of this force. Three times per day, the beast may turn animals as a good cleric turns undead (PHB), using his character level in place of his cleric level. However, once he reaches 3rd level the beast cannot use the wild empathy ability (if he has it) and suffers a –10 penalty to all Handle Animal checks.

At 12th level the beast’s aura becomes stronger. He can now turn animals three additional times per day; however, all animals within 15 ft. of him always act negatively toward him. Horses buck in their stalls, watchdogs bay, caged ani- mals rattle the bars, etc. In any case, a natural animal refuses to let the beast ride him.

Rage: As the barbarian ability.
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