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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:15 pm

The chanceborn character is a child of fate, a master of destiny that can change his fortunes and those of his com- panions with but a thought. The chanceborn hero is often capricious and lighthearted even in the face of grave danger. He does not mind taking risks, regardless of the potential con- sequences to himself and even those around him. He trusts in the wheels of fate, and much to the consternation of those around him, he usually gets out of such situations without a scratch.

Level Ability
1 Luck of Heroes +1d4
2 Resistance 1/day
3 Unfettered 1 round/day
4 5% miss chance
5 Luck of Heroes +1d6
6 Survivor 1/day
7 True Strike 1/day
8 Unfettered 2 rounds/day
9 Take 10 1/day
10 Luck of Heroes +1d8
11 Survivor 2/day
12 Aid 1/day
13 Unfettered 3 rounds/day
14 10% miss chance
15 Luck of Heroes +1d10
16 Survivor 2/day
17 Prayer 1/day
18 Unfettered 4 rounds/day
19 Take 20 1/day
20 Luck of Heroes +1d12

Luck of Heroes: The chanceborn character has an uncanny knack for turning a failure into a success by the sheer force of his luck, and as such gains the listed luck die to be used once per day. After the chanceborn character makes any d20 roll but before he knows whether the outcome is a success or failure, he may choose to add one (and only one) of his luck dice to the roll.

For example, a 6th-level chanceborn rolls an 11 on an attack roll; he wants to make sure he hits his opponent, so he rolls his d6 luck die and adds the result, a 3, for a total of 14. The GM tells him that he misses, and the luck die has been used for the day. He may not use his remaining luck die, a d4, to affect the roll. However, he may use the d4 the next round or even, if he has multiple attacks, on his second attack in the same round.

Unfettered (Su): For the listed number of rounds, the chanceborn may act as if under the effects of a freedom ov movement spell. This ability may be activated even when it is not the chanceborn's turn, and the rounds per day used need not be sequential.

Miss Chance (Su): Whether through turning at just the right moment, lucky gusts of wind, or minor inconveniences distracting his attackers, the chanceborn character is occasionally able to dodge attacks that should otherwise have hit him. He gains the listed miss chance (similar to the effects of concealment) against all attacks for which the attacker must make an attack roll.

Survivor: The chanceborn harnesses his luck to avoid certain death, calling on skill he didn't know he had. The listed number of times per day, the chanceborn character may act as if he had one of the following rogue abilities in response to a single attack: defensive roll, evasion, slippery mind, or uncanny dodge. All normal rules for useing these abilities (such as being able to use evasion when wearing light or no armor) apply.

Take 10 or Take 20: The chanceborn is at times so confident that he creates his own luck. Before making a d20 roll, the chanceborn may decide to take 10 (at 9th level) or take 20 (at 19th level) on any d20 roll. Each ability may be used once per day. The action that is affected so does not take any longer to perform than normal, but the chanceborn is considered to have rolled a 10 or 20 on the die roll (this may cause the chanceborn to have rolled a critical threat when making an attack roll).
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