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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:18 pm

Dragons are often associated with the purest of magical energies, and were once a more common sight on Aryth. It is even said that they sometimes took on different forms and intermingled with other species; perhaps it is from the results of these unions that the dragonblooded heroes of Aryth are descended. The dragonblooded have a natural feel for magic and the arcane energies that flow through the world. They are often hot-tempered and quick to anger, and the power they radiate make them among the most-sought-after by Izrador’s witch hunters.
Level Ability
1 Bolster spell
2 Bonus spell
3 Bonus spell energy +2
4 Quickened counterspelling
5 Bolster spell
6 Improved spellcasting
7 Bonus spell energy +2
8 Bonus spell
9 Spell penetration +1
10 Bolster spell
11 Bonus spell energy +2
12 Improved spellcasting
13 Spell penetration +2
14 Bonus spell
15 Bolster spell
16 Bonus spell energy +2
17 Spell penetration +3
18 Improved spellcasting
19 Frightful presence
20 Bolster spell

Bolster Spell: The dragonblooded chooses one spell that he knows. The save DC to resist this spell increases by one. This ability can only applied to a spell once, and stacks with feats such as Spell Focus.

Bonus Spell: The dragonblooded hero learns a channeled spell of any school and level he can cast. If the dragonblooded cannot learn channeled spells when he gains this ability, the bonus spell is saved until such time as the hero is able to learn spells (usually after taking the Spellcasting feat).

Bonus Spell Energy: The dragonblooded's maximum spell energy pool increases by two.

Quickened Counterspelling (Ex): Once per round, a dragonblooded may ready to counterspell with a move action rather than a standard action. He must still follow all other rules associated with counterspelling, including making a Spellcraft check to identify the spell being cast.

Spell Penetration: The dragonblooded gains the listed bonus when making caster level checks to surpass a target's spell resistance.

Improved Spellcasting: The dragonblooded chooses one school of magic for which he has the Spellcasting feat. The spell energy cost or Constitution damage for all spells cast from that school are reduced by one (minimum one). Each time this ability is gained, a new school must be chosen. This reduction in cost does not stack with that of any other source, such as that gained by wizards for preparing spells or that provided by spell talismans.

Frightful Presence (Ex): The dragonblooded channels raw magical fury when he casts spells, unsettling his foes. Whenever the dragonblooded casts a spell, all enemies within 10 ft. per level of the spell cast must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 dragonblooded's HD + dragonblooded's Charisma modifier). Creatures with four or fewer HD that fail the save become panicked for 4d6 rounds and those with five or more HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds. A creatures that succeeds at its Will save is immune to the dragonblooded's frightful presence for one day.
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