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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:21 pm

The Fell are a real danger to the people of Eredane, as well as some of the most horrifying creatures found in the world of MIDNIGHT. Few things are more frightening than seeing an expired loved one crawling forth from the grave to assault the living. Fortunately for the people of Eredane, there are a few determined heroes born with the ability to dispatch these foul creatures and release their tortured spirits.
Level Ability
1 Sense the dead, 10 ft.
2 Touch of the living +2
3 Ward of life: extraordinary special attacks
4 Sense the dead, 20 ft.
5 Disrupting attack 1/day
6 Sense the dead, 30 ft.
7 Touch of the living +4
8 Ward of life: ability damage
9 Sense the dead, 40 ft.
10 Disrupting attack 2/day
11 Sense the dead, 50 ft.
12 Touch of the living +6
13 Ward of life: ability drain
14 Sense the dead, 60 ft.
15 Disrupting attack 3/day
16 Sense the dead, 70 ft.
17 Touch of the living +8
18 Ward of life: energy drain
19 Sense the dead, 80 ft.
20 Disrupting attack 4/day

Sense the Dead (Su): As detect evil, except that the fellhunter can only sense the presence of undead at 10 ft. at 1st level. The detection distance increases by 10 feet every other level. This ability is a standard action and may be used at will. The fellhunter must make a character level check + his Wisdom modifier to detect the undead (DC 10 + 1 per HD of the undead).

Touch of the Living (Su): Melee attacks made by the fellhunter are particulary effective against undead. Those who follow this heroic path exude an aura that is painful and disruptive to the undead, allowing them to weaken the bonds holding the spirit to the corpse. All melee attacks made by the fellhunter which cause any damage to an undead creature inflict +2 points of damage at 2nd level, +4 points of damage at 7th level, +6 points of damage at 12th level, and +8 points of damage at 17th level. For example, a 3rd-level fellhunter would do 2 additional points of damage per attack, while an 15th-level fellhunter would do 6 additional points of damage per attack.

Ward of Life (Su): The fellhunter gains immunity to the listed special attack when used by undead. Examples of extraordinary special attacks include the ghouls's paralysis ability or a ghast's stench ability.

Disrupting Attack (Su): Before making a melee attack roll against an undead creature, the fellhunter may decide to attempt a disrupting attack. If the attack hits, the target must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 fellhunter's character levels + fellhunter's Charisma modifier) or be destroyed. If the attack misses or if the fellhunter accidentally uses a disrupting attack against a creature that is not undead, the distrupting attack has no effect and the daily use of the ability is still used up.
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