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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:23 pm

A rare hero in the world of Aryth is known as giantblooded, though it is disputed whether or not the blood of giants truly flows through his veins. This hero grows to eight feet tall or more and is truly terrifying in battle. Though large in size, the giantblooded hero tends to have a subdued personality and often finds it more beneficial to blend in as best he can rather than draw the attention of those who would see all heroes destroyed.
*Only human, orc, and dworg characters can choose the giantblooded heroic path.

Level Ability
1 Size Features
2 Rock throwing (30 ft., 1d10)
3 Intimidating Size +2
4 Fast Movement +5 ft.
5 +1 Str
6 Rock throwing (60 ft., 1d10)
7 Intimidating Size +4
8 Fearsome charge +1
9 Rock throwing (60 ft., 2d6)
10 Size Features
11 Intimidating Size +6
12 Fast Movement +10 ft.
13 Rock throwing (90 ft., 2d6)
14 Intimidating Size +8
15 +1 Str
16 Rock throwing (90 ft., 2d8)
17 Intimidating Size +10
18 Fearsome charge +2
19 Rock throwing (120 ft., 2d8)
20 Size Features

Size Features: The giantblooded is a massive member of his own species, but his heritage does not unlock immediately. His body must be tempered and his blood tested before it begins to express the raw power within.

At 1st level, the giantblooded is considered Large for the purpose of the size categories of the weapons he may use. However, this benefit comes with a trade-off; the gaintblooded's bulk makes it harder for him to go unnoticed and more expensive to remain protected; he suffers a -4 penalty to Hide checks and his armor and shields cost and weigh twice the normal amounts. When determining the giantblooded's height and weight, multiply his height and weight by 1.5 to determine final numbers.

At 10th level, the giantblooded becomes a Large creature, with all the mechanics that come with it; his space and reach both increase to 10 ft. and he gains a +4 size bonus on grapple, bull rush, disarm, and similar checks, but he also suffers a -1 penalty to Armor Class and a -1 penalty on attack rolls. His height and weight increase by 50%.

At 20th level, the giantblooded's limbs and body grow so powerful that he seems to tower over his opponents. His natural reach increases to 15 ft. His height and weight increase by another 50%.

Rock Throwing: Part of the giantblooded's heritage is his capability to become a living siege engine, throwing rocks that lesser men would be hard put to even lift. So long as the giantblooded has loose boulders, broken masonry, or even the bodies of his foes about him, he will never lack for ammunition. The giantblooded's thrown rocks have the listed range increment and damage.

Intimidating Size: While the giantblooded's massive size makes him an easy mark should he run afoul of the servants of Izrador, it also gives him the leverage he needs to convice others to back down. The giantblooded gains the listed bonus to all Intimidate checks.

Fast Movement: Over time, the giantblooded learns to master his oversized frame and can propel himself with long strides. He gains the listed bonus to his base land speed.

Fearsome Charge: The giantblooded can use his immense size to add leverage and momentum to his charges. When using the charge action, the giantblooded may voluntary suffer an additional -1 to his Armor Class for every 10 ft. traveled during the charge; if he successfully hits the target of his charge attack, he may then add a bonus to his damage roll equal to the penalty to his Armor Class. This additional damage is not added to the extra attacks granted by Cleave, attacks of opportunity, or other abilities.

At 18th level, the giantblooded adds +2 to his damage roll for every -1 to his Armor Class.
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