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ELVES - The Danisil

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ELVES - The Danisil Empty ELVES - The Danisil

Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 1:07 pm

These elves of the southern reaches of Erethor, where temperate forest gives way to tropical jungle, are small, slight, and ebony skinned. Historians speculate that they may be the elven line from which the halflings were born. The uninitiated consider the Danisil “feral elves,” but their culture is as sophisticated as that of their cousins. Many of Erethor’s most powerful druids are of the Danisil lineage.

Their hair is dark and coarse and typically worn in short dreadlocks. Their eyes are black and so narrow that the whites barely show. They dress in loose shorts and brightly painted vests, but when hunting, they wear only layers of river mud to hide them from both sight and scent. Adults typically adorn their faces and arms with strangely beautiful pat- terns of ritualistic scarring. The scars are said to frighten away evil spirits.
ELVES - The Danisil Wood-e10
The Danisil live in boabil groves along the many small rivers of the Aruun Jungle. Their druids enchant vines to form large slings that suspend their tiny huts high in the jungle canopy. They live off the fruits of the forest but are also cunning hunters. They are good fishermen and use fleets of delicate canoes to fish and hunt along their rivers.

The jungle elves have mastered the use of poison arrows and have developed several toxic elixirs uniquely effective against orcs. They also carry wide curved fighting knives called sepi. Izrador’s invaders learned long ago to fear these ugly little blades, but have little need to venture into the dark Aruun; the fell demons of that place fight on Izrador’s behalf without the dark god having to expend a single soldier.


Weapon Familiarity: Danisil treat sepi as martial weapons, rather than exotic weapons.
Favored Region: Aruun. Jungle elves' favored region bonuses for Erethor increase by +2 when in the Aruun.
Natural Channelers: Jungle elves may select an additional known spell for their Innate Magic bonus feat.
Feral Elves: Danisil gain an additonal +2 to all racial bonuses granted by universal elven traits, for a total of a +4 racial bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot checks, a +6 racial bonus on Climb and Balance checks when climbing trees, a +4 racial bonus on Survival and Knowledge (nature) checks in the Aruun.
Spirit Foes: Jungle elves gain a +4 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks in natural settings, and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against the spells, special attacks, and spell-like and supernatural abilities of creatures with the outsider type.
Herbalists: Jungle elves may begin play with up to 10 doses of orcbane poison (at one-quarter normal cost).
Automatic Languages: Jungle Mouth. Bonus Languages: Colonial, Erenlander, Halfling, High Elven, Sylvan, Trader's Tongue.
Favored Class: Wildlander.
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