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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 1:28 pm

The orcs and dwarves have been fighting one another under the Kaladruns for 10,000 years or more. In that time, they have become especially adept at killing each other. Those who have trained to kill their hated racial enemies above all others walk the path of the ancestral foe. Ancestral foes are dangerous warriors, but as killers of their racial enemies their skills are unparalleled.



Race: Dwarf or orc.
Base Attack Bonus: +6.
Skills: Knowledge (dungeoneering) 2 ranks.
Feats: Diehard.
Special: Master hunter wildlander trait (Orcs must have selected dwarf, dwarves must have selected orc). Must speak both dwarven and orcish at basic competence level.

Class Level / Base Attack Bonus / Fort Save / Ref Save / Will Save / Special
1st ---------------+1 ---------------+2 -------+0 -------+0 -------Know thy enemy +1, primal foe, savvy hunter
2nd ---------------+2 ---------------+3 -------+0 -------+0 -------Tunnel fighting
3rd ---------------+3 ---------------+3 -------+1 -------+1 -------Hunter's strike 1/day
4th ---------------+4 ---------------+4 -------+1 -------+1 -------Know thy enemy +2
5th ---------------+5 ---------------+4 -------+1 -------+1 -------Impervious mind
6th ---------------+6 ---------------+5 -------+2 -------+2 -------Hunter's strike 2/day
7th ---------------+7 ---------------+5 -------+2 -------+2 -------Know thy enemy +3
8th ---------------+8 ---------------+6 -------+2 -------+2 -------Rage of vengeance
9th ---------------+9 ---------------+6 -------+3 -------+3 -------Hunter's strike 3/day
10th --------------+10 -------------+7 --------+3 -------+3 -------Know thy enemy +4

Hit Die: d10.

Class Skills: Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (dungeoneerring) (Int), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (local) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Search (Int), Speak Language (n/a), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and use Rope (Dex).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Ancestral foes gain proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, all types of armor, and shields (but not tower shields).

Primal Foe: An ancestral foe may never associate with a member of his racial enemy's race, even if that person is only a half-blood (such as dworg or dwarrow), If he suffers a member of his racial enemy to travel with him for any length of time or interacts with the enemy for any reason other than to torture, interrogate, maim, or kill him, he loses all class abilities while the foe is present and contioues to live. If the ancestral foe cannot kill that enemy (because the foe escapes, for instance), the ancestral foe does not regain his class abilities until he delivers the killing blow to a number of his racial enemies equal to the number of days he spent in that enemy's company.

Know Thy Enemy (Ex): The first step toward becoming an ancestral foe is to devote one's entire existence to the destruction of the enemy. At 1st level, the ancestral foe's bonus to damage and skill checks from the master hunter trait (against his racial enemy only) increase by +1. Additionally, the ancestral foe's knowledge of his ancestral enemy's fighting technique has translated from just offense to defense as well. He receives a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks made by his ancestral enemy. The bonus to damage, skill checks, and AC increases by an additional +1 every three levels thereafter (at 4th, 7th, and 10th level).

Savvy Hunter (Ex): Though he is filled with undying rage for his racial enemy, the ancestral foe is still a canny and calculating hunter. At the beginning of his turn, the ancestral foe may subtract up to one-half of his bonus to damage against his racial enemy, applying that number as a bonus to his attack rolls against members of his racial enemy instead. The ancestral foe may switch this number around as often as he likes, but may do so only at the beginning of his turn. Doing so is a free action.

Tunnel Fighting: At 2nd level the ancestral foe gains the Tunnel Fighting feat as a bonus feat.

Hunter's Strike (Ex): At 3rd level, the ancestral foe may use a hunter's strike (as per the wildlander ability) against his racial enemy once a day. If he already has this ability via the wildlander class, he gains one additional use of the ability per day, but it may only be used against his racial enemy. He may use this ability one additional time per day at 6th and 9th level.

Impervious Mind (Ex): At 5th level the ancestral foe's hatred of his racial enemy is so intense that not even magic can stop him. If at the beginning of his turn the ancestral foe is victim of any mind-affecting effect that prevents him from attacking a member of his racial enemy, the effect is immediately dispelled. Effects that cause penalties to attack rolls, such as doom or crushing despair, are not dispelled, though cause fear or a suggestion that the ancestral foe depart the scene of battle would be dispelled.

Rage of Vengeance (Ex): At 8th level the ancestral foe uses his hatred of his racial enemy to become a killing machine when in their midst. Any time the ancestral foe or one of his allies within 30 ft. suffers damage from an attack caused by one of his racial enemies, there is a percentage chance equal to the amount of damage dealt that the ancestral foe will enter a rage of vengeance. The ancestral foe gains a +2 bonus to Strength, a +3 bonus to Constitution, and a +1 morale bonus on Will saves, but he suffers a -2 penalty to Armor Class and cannot use any skill or feat normally unavailable during a rage. In addition, the ancestral foe does an additional 1d6 points of damage against his ancestral enemy and gains the benefit of the Greater Cleave feat, whether he meets the requierments or not, as long as any additional attacks are made against an ancestral enemy. The rage of vengeance last until all present racial enemies are dead, and may not be ended prematurely. Normally an ancestral foe is fatigued at the end of a rage of vengeance, but if all racial enemies have been killed before a number of rounds equal to 3 + the character's (newly improved) Constitution modifier have elapsed, he suffers no penlaty for the rage ending. On the other hand, if an ancestral foe is forced to flee from racial enemies during a rage of vengeance, he becomes exhausted upon the rage ending. Either condition can be removed after 10 minutes of complete rest.

The rage of vengeance stacks with babarian rage and other forms of rage or frenzy
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