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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 1:35 pm

Druids were once much more common in the lands of Aryth, but many of their traditions have been lost in the aftermath of the war. As the Last Age dawns, few are willing to risk their lives to guard the knowledge and lore of the old ways, so druids have become mere legends in many places. Still, a few persevere and a new generation presents the rare brave soul to whom they can pass on the knowledge of their ancestors.

Druids draw their power from the magic of the natural world, and even more than other spiritual channelers, they live as one with nature. Druids gain abilities that allow them to live and act more freely in the wilderness. The spells they gain tend to emphasize the magical power of the natural world as well.

DRUID..... Druid_11
Hit Die: d8


Skills: Knowledge (nature) 8 ranks, Survival 8 ranks.
Feats: Magecraft (spiritual), any two Spellcasting feats.
Spellcasting: Must either have the mastery of nature channeler class ability or the wild empathy ability.

Class Level / Base Attack Bonus / Fort Save / Ref Save / Will Save / Special
1st ----------------+0 -------------+2 --------+0 --------+2 ------Improved spellcasting, mastery of nature, animal companion
2nd ----------------+1 ------------+3 ---------+0 --------+3 -----Druidcraft, nature sense
3rd ----------------+2 -------------+3 --------+1 --------+3 -----Commune with nature 1/day
4th ----------------+3 ------------+4 ---------+1 --------+4 -----Animal companion
5th ----------------+3 ------------+4 ---------+1 --------+4 -----Find the way
6th ----------------+4 ------------+5 ---------+2 --------+5 -----Commune with nature 2/day
7th ----------------+5 ------------+5 ---------+2 --------+5 -----Animal companion
8th ----------------+6 ------------+6 ---------+2 --------+6 -----Venom Immunity
9th ----------------+6 ------------+6 ---------+3 --------+6 -----Commune with nature 3/day
10th ---------------+7 ------------+7 ---------+3 --------+7 -----Animal companion

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Druids are skilled with the club, dagger, longbow, shortbow, and quarterstaff. Druids are not proficient with any type of armor or with shields.

Improved Spellcasting: Druid levels grant similar benefits as channeler levels with regards to the art of magic, bonus spells, and bonus spell energy. This means that druid levels stack with channeler levels for the purpose of determining the highest-level spells the character can cast. A character with more channeler and druid levels than other levels in other classes adds +1 to his character level to determine the highest-level spells he can cast.

Additionally, each time the character achieves a new druid level, he gains one new spell of any school and level he can cast. This new spell must be chosen from the druid spell list from the core rules. A druid can learn additional spells according to the normal rules of learning spells.

Finally, the character's maximum spell energy increases by one point for every level of druid he gains.

Mastery of Nature (Su): If the druid already had the mastery of nature ability, he continues to grow in his ability to command animals, plants, and spirits. He adds his druid levels to his channeler levels when using this ability (but not when using other master of two worlds abilities).

If he did not have mastery of nature, he gains that ability, though his effective channeler level is one-half his character level.

Animal Companion (Ex): The druid gains an animal companion from the wildlander animal companion list. This creature is a loyal companion that accompanies the druid on his adventures as appropriate for its kind.

If the druid already has an animal companion from the wildlander class ability, each time he gains this ability from the druid class, he may select an additional animal companion from the list, may advance his animal companion by one rank, or may dismiss a current animal companion for one of the next higher rank.

Druidcraft (Ex): At 2nd level, the druid learns to unlock the secrets of nature magic. The spell energy cost for casting druid spells is reduced by 1. Druid spells include all spells normally avaiable to druids in the core rules or supplements. The character only gains this reduced spell energy cost on spells with a level equal to or less than his druid level and the minimum cost is 1.

Nature Sense (Ex): A druid can identify plants and animals (their species and special traits) with perfect accuracy. He can determine whether water is safe to drink or dangerous (polluted, poisoned, or otherwise unfit for consumption).

Commune with Nature (Sp): Druids learn to attune themselves to the natural world to such a degree that they can "speak" with the flora and fauna, gaining information about the surrounding area. This is exactly like the commune with nature spell, with a caster level equal to the druid's character level.

Find the Way (Ex): At 5th level, the druid becomes as one with the natural world, able to move through it like a ghost. He gains woodland stride (as the wildlander class ability). If he already has woodland stride, he instead gains trackless step. If he already has trackless step, he gains the supernatural ability of being considered permanently under the effects of a pass without trace spell with a caster level equal to his character level. The druid may supress or resume this effect as a free action.

Venom Immunity (Ex): At 8th level, a druid gains immunity to all organic poison, including monster poisons but not mineral poisons or poison gas.
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