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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:22 pm

It is rare that even the elves encounter true fey any longer; like the outsiders that were trapped in vessels of flesh and blood or left to exist as bodiless spirits, the fey too were forever changed by the Sundering. Unlike the outsiders, how- ever, the fey gain their power from Aryth rather than in spite of it, and where they are able they have become spirits of the land. Perhaps it is their influence that have brought the fey- blooded into the world in these desperate times. These heroes are both clever and naive, fragile and powerful, and they have inherited both the otherworldly grace and the unnatural power of the true fey.
Level Ability
1 Fey Vision (low-light)
2 Disguise self 1/day
3 Ventriloquism 1/day
4 Unearthly grace (max +1)
5 Magic aura 1/day
6 Invisibility 1/day
7 Fey vision (enchantment)
8 Unearthly grace (max +2)
9 Nondetection 1/day
10 Glibness 1/day
11 Deep slumber 1/day
12 Unearthly grace (max +3)
13 Fey vision (illusion)
14 False vision 1/day
15 Rainbow pattern 1/day
16 Unearthly grace (max +4)
17 Mislead 1/day
18 Seeming 1/day
19 Fey vision (all magics)
20 Unearthly grace (max +5)

Fey Vision (Su): The feyblooded gains the ability to see the world as the true fey would view it. At first level, this grants her low-light vision. If the character already has low-light vision, she becomes able to see three times as far as a human in conditions of poor illumination. At 7th level, the feyblooded can detect enchantment magic at will. This ability works exactly like the detect magic spell, except that it only reveals the presence of magic from the enchantment school. At 13th level the feyblooded is able to detect illusion magic as well, and at 19th level this ability detects all magic auras.

Unearthly Grace (Su): For the feyblooded, the concept of self and spirit are intrinsically tied to their power. Each time this ability is gained, the feyblooded may choose either her AC, one of her saving throws, or Dexterity checks (including intiative rolls). She gains a divine bonus equal to her Charisma modifier (up to the maximum listed) to the chosen character trait. Once her Charisma modifier is added to a trait, the same cannot be chose again and the bonus can not be later increased.

For instance, a 4th-level feyblooded with a Charisma of 13 chooses to apply the unearthly grace ability to her Will save, which gains a +1 insight bonus. When she reaches 8th level, the feyblooded decides to use her ability score increase to raise her Charisma score to 14. This means that when she applies unearthly grace to another character trait it gains a +2 insight bonus. In any case, regardless of the Charisma score's increase, the insight bonus to her Will save does not increase beyond the initial bonus granted.
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