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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:27 pm

The ironborn can withstand the blows of the mightiest creatures, fight on even while punctured by many black- fletched arrows, and resist the harshest conditions and most potent venoms. The ironborn can single-handedly turn the tide of a battle and rout vastly superior forces simply by refusing to fall. Ironborn characters tend to be loners, privately battling the pain of a thousand wounds, both physical and mental. They make loyal allies, however, and those who come to know them respect them a great deal.
Level Ability
1 Incredible resilience
2 +1 bonus on Fort saves
3 +1 natural armor
4 Improved healing
5 DR 1/-
6 Elemental resistance 3
7 +2 bonus on Fort saves
8 +2 natural armor
9 Indefatigable
10 DR 2/-
11 Elemental resistance 6
12 +3 bonus on Fort saves
13 +3 natural armor
14 Improved healing
15 DR 3/-
16 Elemental resistance 9
17 +4 bonus on Fort saves
18 +4 natural armor
19 Indefatigable
20 DR 4/-

Incredible Resilience: The ironborn's HD type for all character classes is increased by one step (d4 becomes d6 becomes d8, and so on). If the character already had a d12 for HD, he gains one additional hit point per level.

Elemental Resistance: The ironborn gains the listed resistance against acid, cold, electricty, and fire.

Improved Healing: The ironborn recovers from damage much more quickly than others. At 4th level, he regains hit points equal to one-half his character level every hour (this is in addition to any hit points regained from bedrest or a full night's sleep). At 14th level, he recovers ability score damage at a rate of 1 point per hour.

Indefatigable: At 9th level, the ironborn is immune to effects that would cause him to be fatigued, and effects that would cause him to be exhausted instead cuase him to be fatigued. At 19th level, the ironborn becomes immune to effects that would cause him to be exhausted.
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