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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:29 pm

The dwarves of the Kaladruns are not the only denizens of Aryth’s mountainous regions. From the refugee Asmadarins that hide on the Terrace of the Elders to the tribes of Erunsil that live amidst the low peaks of the Highhorns, many of Aryth’s denizens took to the mountains after Izrador’s invasion was complete. Mountainborn heroes are tough and hardy, able to withstand the deadly environment of their homes and trained to overcome the physical challenges of living on the slopes. When they descend from their homes for whatever purpose lies in their heart, they often find life off the mountain easy in comparison. The mountainborn are practical, however, and do not take for granted their lives or their relative freedom.
Level Ability
1 Mountaineer +2
2 Endure elements (self only)
3 Ambush (1 minute)
4 Rallying cry 1/day
5 +1 Con
6 Mountaineer +4
7 Pass without trace (self only) 1/day
8 Ambush (+2 damage)
9 Ralling cry 2/day
10 +2 Con
11 Mountaineer +6
12 Meld into stone 1/day
13 Ambush (5 rounds)
14 Ralling cry 3/day
15 +3 Con
16 Mountaineer +8
17 Stone tell 1/day
18 Ambush (sniping)
19 Ralling cry 4/day
20 +4 Con

Mountaineer: The mountainborn excels at the skills needed to survive in the treacherous mountain environment. As a result, he gains the listed bonus on all Climb, Jump, and Balance checks, as well as all Survival checks made in mountainous terrain.

Rallying Cry: Mountainborn survive in an environment where communication between members of a hunting party or warband is the key to avoid being surprised or ambushed by hidden foes. They may raise powerful cries that help their allies coordinate attacks against their enemies. When the mountainborn fails to be surprised in an ambush, he can raise this cry as a free action, even if it is not his turn, in order to grant his allies a +4 bonus to any roll to avoid being surprised. Even if his allies are surprised, they are not considered flat-footed during the surprise round thanks to the mountainborn's warning call.

Ambush: Ambush tactics are a way of life in the rough and rocky terrain of the mountains, where the advantages of surprise and higher ground can mean the difference between survival and death.

At 3rd level, the mountainborn can use the Hide skill to conceal both himself and his allies in preperation for an ambush. Concealing a character in this way requires 1 minute (each size category of the creature above Medium doubles the amount of time required), and anyone the mountainborn conceals may use the mountainborn's ranks in Hide instead of their own. The mountainborn and any character he conceals are considered to be taking 10 on their Hide checks for this purpose.

At 8th level, characters the mountainborn concealed gain a +2 bonus to damage on all attacks against flat-footed foes within 30 ft. This benefit only applies during the surprise round and the first regular round of combat.

At 13th level, the mountainborn can conceal allies in half the normal time.

At 18th level, characters the mountainborn concealed can fire ranged weapons with impunity. When using the sniping action, such characters only suffer a -4 to their Hide checks on the surprise round and first round of combat, rather than the usual -20. Each round, the penalty to Hide checks while sniping increases by 4, until it reaches the normal penalty of -20.
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