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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:34 pm

Painless heroes have become completely detached from a world they view as dark and hopeless. They are often so overwhelmed by the realization that nothing anyone does can defeat the power of a god and his mortal armies that they cease to care about their own or others well-being. It is, after all, hopeless. In ceasing to care, however, the painless transform themselves into ideal warriors against the Shadow. Some painless are driven to mania by their disconnect from the world, a state of extreme agitation that gives them a great deal of energy. Others attempt to keep their mental anguish private, living their everyday lives without burdening those around them with their thoughts. The painless are often found among dwarves and elves, whose lands are besieged by the forces of the dark lord, although there are those of all the races that feel hopeless and desperate when faced with the long odds against their survival and liberation.
Level Ability
1 Painless +5
2 Nonlethal DR 3/--
3 Uncaring mind +1
4 Retributive rage (attack)
5 Ferocity
6 Painless +10
7 Nonlethal DR 6/--
8 Uncaring mind +2
9 Last stand 1/day
10 Increased damage threshhold -15
11 Painless +15
12 Nonlethal DR 9/--
13 Uncaring mind +3
14 Retributive rage (damage)
15 Increased damage threshhold -20
16 Painless +20
17 Nonlethal DR 12/--
18 Uncaring mind +4
19 Last stand 2/day
20 Increased damage threshhold -25

Painless: The painless gains one extra hit point per character level. Additionally, he gains the listed bonus to any skill checks or saving throws made to resist pain (symbol of pain, Concentration checks to cast spells while taking continual damage, etc.).

Nonlethal DR: The painless can ignore most forms of pain that do not cause real damage. He gains the listed amount of damage reduction against nonlethal damage.

Uncaring Mind: The painless character is so removed from this world that it is difficult to affect his mind with attacks. The character gains the listed bonus to Will saving throws against Enchantment spells and effects.

Retributive Rage: For the painless, the pain that should be caused by wounds is channeled into raw fury instead. Once per round when the painless suffers damage equal to twice his character level from a single attack, he may channel the pain it would cause. His next melee attack gains a bonus equal to his character level. If the painless does not make an attack on his turn, the rage dissipates. Multiple attacks in the same round that would cause retributive rage do not stack. For instance, a 4th-level painless might be hit by an orc's vardatch for 11 points of damage at the beginning of the round, then suffer 19 points of damage from a fireball later in the round, both before his turn. On his turn, the painless still only gains a +4 bonus to his first attack roll. At 14th level, if the attack hits, the bonus is added to damage as well.

Ferocity: Starting at 5th level, the painless does not fall unconscious when below 0 hit points. He may continue to fight without penalty even while disabled or dying.

Increased Damage Threshhold: The painless can fight on long after others have collapsed and died, remaining alive (though still dying) ujntil he reaches the listed hit points. He dies instantly upon reaching his new damage threshhold.

Last Stand: Once per day at 11th level, a painless character who has suffered damage equal to at least half of his hit point total can declare a last stand as a free action. For one minute the character gains spell resistance 10 + character level, damage reduction 15/--, and energy resistance (all) 30. He may act normally during this time, but at the end of the minute the character drops to one hit point above his damage threshhold and is unconscious. If he does not receive healing before his turn on the next round, he dies. For instance, a 15th-level painless would be able to fight for 10 rounds once declaring his last stand, but at the end of the 10th round he would immediately fall to -19 hit points and would die the next round if he did not receive healing from another source or character before his turn. At 19th level, the character may use this ability twice per day.
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