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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:35 pm

Pureblood characters represent the pinnacle of Erenlander lineage, perfectly combining the best traits of both the Dorns and the Sarcosans from which the race was born. Their ancestors were the heroes of men that forged nations, led clans, discovered new lands, and defied Izrador through out the centuries. They are versatile and talented, exhibiting a variety of abilities that make them excellent adventurers. They combine physical stamina and skill with a keen mind and sharp perceptions, characteristics that make them well suited to aiding those who would fight against the dark god and his minions. Yet they are able to hide those traits that separate them from the common crowd, waiting until the perfect moment to unveil their heritage and lead the fight against the Night Kings.
Prerequisite: Only Erenlanders may choose this heroic path.

Level Ability
1 Master adventurer +2
2 Blood of kings +2
3 Bonus feat
4 Skill mastery
5 Ability increase
6 Master adventurer +4
7 Blood of kings +4
8 Bonus feat
9 Skill mastery
10 Ability increase
11 Master adventurer +6
12 Blood of kings +6
13 Bonus feat
14 Skill mastery
15 Ability increase
16 Master adventurer +8
17 Blood of kings +8
18 Bonus feat
19 Skill mastery
20 Ability increase

Master Adventurer: The pureblood excels at several skills necessary for survival in the hard life of an adventurer. He chooses three skills at first level and gains the listed bonus to those skills. Each time the bonus increases, it increases for those three skills only. The pureblood may not choose any Charisma-based skills, as these receive unique bonuses as shown below.

Blood of Kings: The pureblood is a leader among men and a foe to be feared. His ancestors' blood has been spilled for all the free peoples of Erendane, and his features are akin to those whose gaze has stricken fear into the heart of the darkest orcs and most fell generals. One of the pureblood's greatest virtues is that he has a powerful personality and heroic lineage, but may still manipulate the dark one's forces without them ever realizing he is anything but a common Erenlander. This allows him to choose one of two aspects at beginning of each day; he may act as a canny and subtle hero, gaining the listed bonus to any Charisma-based skill while intercating with a member of the dark god's forces. If he chooses, however, he may reveal himself as a hero among men, and for that day gains the listed bonus to all Charisma-based skills when interacting with enemies of the Shadow. The Intimidate skill is one exception, and may only be used against enemies when the other bonuses applies to allies, and vice versa.

Skill Mastery: Each time the pureblood gains this ability he can choose a single skill. He may thereafter take 10 when using that skill, even if stress and distraction would normally prevent him from doing so.

Ability Increase: The pureblood gains a +1 inherent bonus to an ability score of his choice. He may not choose the same ability score twice.
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