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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:37 pm

The quickened hero seems to exist on another, faster, level of reality. Where others walk, he sprints. While others bring their weapons to bear, he has often already landed his first blow. It is as difficult to hit a quickened with an attack as it is to get the drop on him. He tends to live life to its fullest extent, working as hard as he plays, and is as quick in judgment and action as he is on his feet. A quickened character’s energy can be tiring to those around him, and keeping up with his explosive personality can be an ally’s toughest challenge.
Level Ability
1 +2 bonus to initiative
2 +1 dodge bonus to AC
3 Fast Movement +5 ft.
4 Burst of Speed 1/day
5 +1 Dex
6 +2 bonus to initiative
7 +2 dodge bonus to AC
8 Fast Movement +10 ft.
9 Burst of Speed 2/day
10 +1 Dex
11 +2 bonus to initiative
12 +3 dodge bonus to AC
13 Fast Movement +15 ft.
14 Burst of Speed 3/day
15 +1 Dex
16 +2 bonus to initiative
17 +4 dodge bonus to AC
18 Fast Movement +20 ft.
19 Burst of Speed 4/day
20 +1 Dex

Fast Movement: The quickened can move like the wind. He gains the listed bonus to his base land speed.

Burst of Speed: The quickened can activate a burst of speed as a free action the listed number of times per day. While using burst of speed, the quickened may make one extra attack or move action each round; either before or after his regular actions. He may move his base speed before or after making a full attack, superseding the normal rule that a character cannot move farther than 5 feet in the same round he performs a full-round action. A burst of speed last for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the quickened's Con modifier. At the end of this period, the character is considered fatigued for the duration of the encounter (-2 penalty to Str and Dex, cannot run or charge).
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