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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:38 pm

Across Eredane are those who are more comfortable floating in the water than standing on their feet. The gnomes, by virtue of their livelihood and role in the post-invasion world, are often of such demeanor, but there are many others who share their affinity for life on the water. Some Dorns and Sarcosans whose families still live in the cities and towns that line the Pellurian coastline find themselves drawn to its often icy waters. For many, the time they spend swimming and fishing is the only shred of freedom they hold on to, as life in most of these settlements is very harsh and tightly regulated by the traitorous lords who now rule them. The seaborn may often leave the comforts of their coastal homes in pursuit of some higher good, but they always long to return to the waves.
Level Ability
1 Dolphin's grace
2 Deep lungs
3 Aquatic blindsight 30 ft.
4 Aquatic ally II, 1/day
5 Blur 1/day
6 Deep lungs
7 Dolphin's grace
8 Aquatic ally III, 2/day
9 Fog cloud 1/day
10 Aquatic adaptation
11 Aquatic blindsight 60 ft.
12 Aquatic ally IV, 3/day
13 Displacement 1/day
14 Cold resistance 5
15 Dolphin's grace
16 Aquatic ally V, 4/day
17 Aquatic emissary
18 Assist allies
19 Aquatic blindsight 90 ft.
20 Aquatic ally VI, 5/day

Dolphin's Grace: The seaborn gains a swim speed of 20 ft. She need not make a Swim check to travel through calm water, and she gains a +8 bonus to all Swim checks made to avoid hazards in the water. Each time the character gains this ability (or the first time, if she already had a swim speed) her swim speed increases by 20 ft.

Deep Lungs: At 2nd level, the seaborn may hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to three times her Constitution score. If she may already hold her breath for long than normal because of her rae, increase the multiplier by one. The multiplier for both types of seaborn increases again at 6th level.

Aquatic Blindsight: Seaborn can sense vibrations in the water around them, giving them blindsight to the listed range even when the water is too murky or violent to allow them to use normal vision. This ability only works if the seaborn is completely submerged, and only allows the character to detect creatures or objects that are in the same body of water.

Aquatic Ally (Su): Seaborn become default protectors of their realm, much as druids and elves do on land. They may therefore summon aquatic allies as if casting the spell summon nature's ally of the appropriate number and level as listed on the chart. For instance, at 12th level the seaborn may summon aquatic allies three times per day, and may summon aquatic creatures as if casting summon nature's ally IV each time the power is used. The animals are not actually summoned or teleported as per the spell, but rather are magically drawn to the character. Only animals appropriate to the geographical surroundings may appear. The animals arrive 1d4+1 minutes after the character calls to them and remain to serve the character for 1 minute per character level.

Aquatic Adaptation: At 10th level the seaborn has completely adapted to life underwater. She may still breathe air and may exist out of water indefinitely, but she may also breathe water through small gills that have grown on her neck and back. Additionally, the seaborn does not suffer pressure damage from swimming below 100 ft. in depth.

Aquatic Emissary (Su): At 17th level the seaborn is blessed with the understanding of all creatures of the rivers and seas. She may speak to any aquatic animal or creature as if using its native tongue and understands all such creatures if they attempt to communicate with her. All such communications are limited by the aquatic creature's Intelligence.

Assist Allies (Su): At 18th level the seaborn can interact with water on a supernatural level. She may ferry her allies through the water by controlling the currents around them, granting them swim speed equal to their base land speeds so long as they remain within 30 ft. She may ferry one ally per three character levels, and may channel oxygen directly to them such that they may hold their breaths for number of minutes equal to their Constitution scores (rather than the norm, which is a number of rounds equal to twice their Constitution scores).
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