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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:39 pm

Seers are gifted with second sight, an ancient and mysterious gift. Visions come to them in their sleep, as they fill their canteens in clear, reflective pools, and in self-induced trances. Seer characters are often introspective, searching always within themselves for the answers they cannot glean from their visions.
Level Ability
1 Alarm (mental alarm only) 1/day
2 Augury 1/day
3 Seer sight (day/level, 1/day)
4 Clairaudience/clairvoyance 1/day
5 Locate object 1/day
6 Seer sight (day/level, 2/day)
7 Locate creature 1/day
8 Speak with dead 1/day
9 Seer sight (month/level, 2/day)
10 Divination 1/day
11 Scrying 1/day
12 Seer sight (month/level, 3/day)
13 Arcane eye 1/day
14 Find the path 1/day
15 Seer sight (year/level, 3/day)
16 Prying eyes 1/day
17 Legend lore 1/day
18 Seer sight (year/level, 4/day)
19 Commune 1/day
20 Vision 1/day

Special: At his discretion, the DM may activate one of the seer's spell-like abilities (though not when doing so would endanger the seer, such as during combat) in order to convey useful story information to the party.

Additionally, because the seer's powers do not actually rely on communcaion with a divine entity, all of her spell-like abilities convey information using sight, sound, smell, and other sensory information, rather than actual words. For instance, augury would provide a positive or negative feeling when the seer thinks about a particular course of action, rather than the words "weal" or "woe." Likewise, when using speak with dead, a seer can experience what the body saw, felt, heard, etc. about specific events or topics, but cannot ask it actual questions.

Seer Sight (Su): The seer can divine information from an object, place, or person that she is touching. She can see all events that occurred to or near the target, as far back into the past as the listed amount of time. Using this ability requires uninterrupted concentration, during which the information is transferred to her as a series of quick flashes in her mind. The seer may choose to look back several days, several months, or several years. If looking nack over days, the seer gains a detailed understanding of all of the day's events. If looking back over months, the seer gains a comprehensive understanding of events of each week, with dramatic events being highlighted. If looking back over years, the seer gains a general understanding of events of each season, with dramatic events being highlighted. Each day, month, or hour observed requires one minute of concentration. After using this ability, the seer is dazed for one minute.
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