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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:42 pm

There are many in the lands of Aryth who are born with the spark of magic within them, but for some reason or another never learn to use it beyond a minor enchantment or useful trick. Still, the arcane energies that flow within them yearn to find an outlet, and the spellsoul often finds himself in the company of a more powerful spellcaster at some point in his life. When magic is used around a spellsoul, he can feel it almost as if he had shaped the magic himself. He is able to lend his energy to power the spells of others, and to use the energy within him to shape and change any magic that is cast in his presence.
Level Ability
1 Untapped potential
2 Metamagic aura 1/day (enlarge)
3 Resistance +1
4 Bonus raw energy +2
5 Metamagic aura (extend spell)
6 Metamagic aura 2/day
7 Resistance +2
8 Metamagic aura (reduce spell)
9 Bonus raw energy +2
10 Metamagic aura 3/day
11 Metamagic aura (attract)
12 Resistance +3
13 Bonus raw energy +2
14 Metamagic aura (empower)
15 Metamagic aura 4/day
16 Resistance +4
17 Metamagic aura (maximize)
18 Bonus raw energy +2
19 Resistance +4
20 Metamagic aura (redirect)

Untapped Potential: The spellsoul has a number of raw energy points (similar to spell points) equal to 1 + his Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier, whichever is highest. This raw energy may not be used to cast spells. In fact, the spellsoul character can never take the Magecraft feat or any Spellcasting feats.

The spellsoul may share this raw energy with spellcasters near him, however. Any time a spell is being cast within 30 ft. of the spellsoul, he may give up raw energy to power the spell as if it was spell energy. This works in all ways as if the spell energy was coming from the spellcaster, and is a free action. The spellsoul may not suffer spell damage in order to power another's spells; he may, however, contribute raw energy to partially power a spell, in which case the other character must pay the remainder of the spell energy or suffer spell damage normally.

Raw energy is recovered in the same way as spell energy.

Metamagic Aura (Su): Beginning at 2nd level, the spellsoul is able to use his awareness of magic to shift and shape spells cast in the area around him. This ability manifests itself in various forms of metamagic that the character can use to alter spells as they are cast. Some of the abilities can be used to enhance the spells cast by his allies, while others can be used to weaken or even nullify spells cast by his enemies.

Any time a spell is cast within 30 ft. or the spellsoul, he can choose to use any metamagic ability to which he has access to modify the spell. Only abilities gained through this heroic path may be used in this manner. Doing so is a free action. The spellsoul can target any spell whose level is equal to or less than half the spellsoul's chatacter level (rounded down). Thus, a 4th level spellsoul could affect up to 2nd-level spells with this metamagic aura.

The character must know a spell is being cast to use this ability. Thus, a spellsoul could not affect a silent spell being cast by an invisible opponent. Quickened spells and other spell-like abilities that are free actions cannot be modified by this ability. The spellsould may affect spell-like abilities as well as spells, so long as he is aware of the ability being used and it is not quickened or a free action.

The spellsoul does not need to know which spell is being cast in order to affect it, although it is helpful. He may identify the spell by making a succussful Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell level). If unsuccessful, he may still attempt to modify the spell, but the effects applied may be helpful, superfluous, or dangerous, depending on the actual spell. Knowing what spell is being cast is a tactical factor, but in no way affects the spellsoul's ability; for instance, an allied caster might explain a round ahead of time that he is going to cast a fireball, and that he wants the spellsoul to empower it. If the caster changes his mind and casts a lightning bolt instead, the spellsoul's ability would still empower it.

The following abilities can be applied to a spell via the spellsoul's metamagic aura:

2nd: Enlarge Spell--As the feat.

5th: Extend Spell--As the feat.

8th: Reduce Spell--All variable, numeric effects of a reduced spell are decreased by one-half. A reduced spell deals half as much damage as normal, affects half as many targets as normal, etc., as appropriate. Saving throws and opposed rolls (such as that made to overcome spell resistance) are not affected. Spells without random variables are not affected.

11th: Attract Spell--The spellsoul becomes the target of the spell being cast. In order for this ability to work, the spell must have a target (although the target can be an area, such as a fireball) other than the spellcaster and a range of Close, Medium, or Long. If both of these conditions are met, the spellsoul becomes the new target of the spell. Thus, if a legate casts cause fear on one of the spellsoul's companions, the spellsoul may force the spell to target him instead. Area of effect spells still affect others, but are centered on the spellsoul.

14th: Empower Spell--As the feat.

17th: Maximize Spell--As the feat.

20th: Redirect Spell--The spellsoul may redirect the spell to any point within its normal range. In order for this ability to work, the spell must have a target (althought he target can be an area, such as a fireball) other than the spellcaster and a range of Close, Medium, or Long.

Resistance (Su): The spellsoul gains the listed bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects.

Bonus Raw Energy: The spellsoul's maximum number of raw energy points increases by +2.
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