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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:44 pm

Some heroes walk more easily in the night, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Night Kings’minions. They prefer the pale light of the moon and stars to the bright, revealing rays of the sun. The power that flows through them grants them the ability to obfuscate their movements and to hastily retreat, on foot as well as through the shadows them- selves. Shadow walkers are often mistaken for enemies of the peoples of Aryth because of their nocturnal ways, but a shadow walker hero may be a more effective insurgent than those who continue to fight openly.
Level Ability
1 Darkvision +60 ft.
2 Shadow veil +2
3 Expeditious retreat 1/day
4 Shadow jump 10 ft.
5 Blur 1/day
6 Shadow veil +4
7 Undetectable alignment 1/day
8 Shadow jump 20 ft.
9 Displacement 1/day
10 Shadow veil +6
11 Hide in plain sight
12 Shadow jump 30 ft.
13 Expeditius retreat 2/day
14 Shadow veil +8
15 Blur 2/day
16 Shadow jump 40 ft.
17 Undetactable alignment 2/day
18 Shadow veil +10
19 Displacement 2/day
20 Shadow jump 50 ft.

Shadow Veil: The shadow walker seems to blend into the shadows more easily than others, covering himself with a veil of darkness. He gains the listed bonus to all Hide checks.

Shadow jump (Su): A shadow walker can become one with the shadows, stepping into and travelling through them as if they were rivers of darkness. The shadow walker can move the distance shown as a standard action, bypassing any barriers as if they did not exist, so long as he begins and ends his jump in shadowed areas. Thus, a character hiding behind a boulder could shadow jump to the other side of the boulder to avoid searching foes. Moving in this way never provokes attacks of opportunity.

The shadow walker must be unrestrained (and able to actually “step into” the shadows) in order to use his shadow jump ability. If he is chained, grappled, pinned, or paralyzed he must first escape his bonds, succeed at an opposed grapple check, escape the pin, or somehow remove the paralysis before using his ability.

Hide in Plain Sight: At 11th level the shadow walker can use the Hide skill even while being observed and even if there is nothing to actually hide behind. This is the same as per the wildlander ability of the same name, but instead of being able to use it in natural terrain, the shadow walker may use the ability (hiding even while observed) any time he is in shadowy or darker illumination.
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