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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:46 pm

When the Sundering closed the world of Aryth off from the other planes of existence, many creatures from those planes were trapped on the world. Even now, thousands of years later, creatures from other planes roam the world in search of a way home. Over the centuries some of these creatures formed relationships with mortals from this world, leading to the blood of outsiders being found in some rare lineages. When combined with the power of heroes, this link grants a character unique abilities. Sunderborn characters are caught between two worlds, their personalities often seem scattered or confusing to those that do not know them well. They are as comfortable around outsiders as they are around mortals, and they relish any chance to interact or communicate with others of their kind.
Level Ability
1 Detect outsider
2 Blood of the planes +2
3 Summon Monster I 1/day
4 Planar fury 1/day
5 Blood of the planes +4
6 Summon Monster II 1/day
7 Spirit sight
8 Blood of the planes +6
9 Summon Monster III 1/day
10 Planar fury 2/day
11 Blood of the planes +8
12 Summon Monster IV 1/day
13 Spirit sight
14 Blood of the planes +10
15 Summon Monster V 1/day
16 Planar fury 3/day
17 Blood of the planes +12
18 Summon Monster VI 1/day
19 Spirit sight
20 Blood of the planes +14

Detect outsider (Sp): This ability works just like the detect evil spell, except that it reveals the presence of creatures of the outsider type. THis avility may be used at will.

Blood of the Planes: Outsiders can sense the common blood flowing in the veins of the sunderborn character. This grants him the listed bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks when dealing with outsiders, no matter their origin or alignment.

Monster Summoning: The sunderborn have an inherent connection to the many spirits strewn throughout Aryth. As such, they may summon spirits as spell-like abilities. However, as the ability is intuitive rather than practiced and studied, the sunderborn character has no control over what will answer hi call. The type and even number are determined randomly by the DM each time. For instance, if a sunderborn used his summon monster IV ability, the DM would first roll 1d4 to determine whether the ability calls forth a single creature from the summon monster IV list, 1d3 creatures from the summon monster III list, and so on. Once the level and number of creatures have been determined, the DM rolls randomly to determine which creature(s) from the list answer the call.

Planar Fury: Starting at 4th level, the sunderborn can focus the rage and frustration of the countless outsiders trapped on Aryth. This works exactly like a barbarian's rage ability except that all bonuses and penalties are halved (+2 Str and Con, +1 to Will saves, -1 to AC). The character is fatigued as normal following the rage. If the character has rage abilities from another source, they do not stack with those gained by planar fury.

Spirit Sight (Su): The sunderborn begins to see the world as his outsider kin do. At 7th level, he gains darkvision within 60 ft. If he already had darkvision, the range doubles. At 13th level, the sunderborn becomes able to see perfectly in any darkness, even magical darkness. At 19th level, the sunderborn can see invisible creatures.
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