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Post by The Hive Mind on Sun May 18, 2014 1:43 pm

In this bleak age, there is little left of the great achievements, great passions and great inspiration. As the magic that powers Aryth wanes, sapped for the black lord’s own good, its life dies too. Among that life are the humans. Unlike the fey, the race of man is a creaton of the world itself, not some divine sentience. And as the world wanes, so does man. The Fading Soul is a living, breathing embodiment of what Aryth endures. He is a reflection of the world’s dying life. As the years of the fourth age pass, his soul fades and dies, making him less and less living, less and less human. He has few emotions, and what few he possesses are spontaneous and erratic, most often filled with sorrow, anguish and rage. The Fading Soul is as bleak as the lands he walks. The Fading Soul heroic path is available only to humans.

1. Fading Soul +2, Indifference
2. Spectre +2
3. Remove Fear 1/day
4. Uncaring
5. Fading Soul +4
6. Pale Eyes
7. Spectre +4
8. Hide from Undead 1/day
9. Obscuring Mist 1/day
10. Fading Soul +6
11. Remove Fear 2/day
12. Spectre +6
13. Pass Without Trace 1/day
14. Silence 1/day
15. Fading Soul +8
16. Hide from Undead 2/day
17. Spectre +8
18. Obscuring Mist 2/day
19. Remove Fear 3/day
20. Soulless

Fading Soul (Su): As his sould slips from his body, the Fading Soul becomes resistant to the magics that would hamper his mind and spirit. He gains the listed bonus againts spells of the Enchantment and Necromancy schools.
Indifference (Su): The Fading Soul character’s soul is a dying thing, and as the character’s soul dies, so does his emotions, his passion and his drive. A Fading Soul character must always be of True Neutral alignment. All creatures, regardless of type or alignement react with indifference the first time they encounter the character.
Spectre (Su): The character looses his grip on emotions, and possesses little empathy. He moves silently across the world like the spectre he is. He gainst the listed bonus on Hide, Intimidate and Move Silently checks, but suffers and equal penalty on Bluff, Diplomacy and Gather Information checks.
Uncaring (Su): As his soul slips from him, the Fading Soul looses his emotions. He becomes immune to all fear effects and morale modifiers, whether positive or negative, magical or mundane.
Pale Eyes (Su): Meeting the stare of a Fading Soul is like staring into nothing. Eyes devoid of life or fire, pale and cold. The death stare of a Fading Soul can unnerve anyone. As a standard action, the Fading Soul may use a Gaze Attack with a range of 10 ft. He may use this gaze attack over multiple rounds, but must keep using a standard action to sustain it. Creatures affected must make a Will save or be affected as per the fear spell, except the maximum Hit Dice affected equals the Fading Soul's character’s level.
Soulless (Su): The character will never rise as Fell, or return as a Lost. Possessing no soul, the character is forever unnaffected by the magics that would take his life. He becomes immune to Death attacks, level and ability drain, and spells involving the character’s soul (such a Magic Jar). He cannot be ressurected by any means short of a Wish or Miracle spell.
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