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Post by The Hive Mind on Sun May 18, 2014 2:08 pm

The legends of the dwarves speak of those favored by Father Sun into whom he breathed his fiery breath to make a more perfect dwarf, one whose love for the forge and the hammers of the forge was forged, as it were, into the very fiber of his being. And other tales tell of the same blessing being mysteriously gifted upon members of other races...

1. Master of Hammers
2. Soul of the Forge
3. Forgemaster
4. Master of Hammers II
5. Soul of the Forge
6. Forgemaster
7. Hammer from the Forge 1/day
8. Master of Hammers III
9. Soul of the Forge II
10. Forgemaster
11. Hammer from the Forge 2/day
12. Master of Hammers IV
13. Soul of hte Forge IV
14. Forgemaster
15. Hammer from the Forge 3/day
16. Breath of the Bellows
17. Fire from the Forge
18. Forgemaster
19. Hammer from the Forge II
20. Forgesoul

Master of Hammers I (Ex): Automatically proficient with light hammer, warhammer and maul.
Soul of the Forge I (Su): Fire resistance 5
Forgemaster I (Ex): Every time this ability is gained, the Forgesoul may choose one of the following skills: Craft (armorsmithing), Craft (blacksmithing), or Craft (weaponsmithing). He recieves a +2 bonus to the skill. He may select the same skill more than once.
Master of Hammers II (Ex): The Forgesoul gains the feat Weapon Focus for a type of hammer (light hammer, warhammer or maul).
Soul of the Forge II (Su): Fire resistance 10
Hammer from the Forge (Su): As a free action, metal weapon in hand acquires the flaming property for one minute once per day
Master of Hammers III (Ex): The Forgesoul gains Weapon Focus with the other two types of hammers.
Soul of the Forge III (Su): Fire resistance 15
Master of Hammers IV (Ex): The Forgesoul may fight with a lighthammer and/or warhammer in each hand as if he possessed the Two-weapon Fighting feat.
Soul of the Forge IV (Su): Fire immunity
Breath of the Bellows (Su): May breathe a 50 ft cone of fire for 6d6 damage once per day (Reflex save for half; DC = 10 + half character level + Con bonus).
Fire from the Forge (Su): Summon large fire elemental once per day for one minute but requires a Large fire as the source.
Hammer from the Forge II (Su): The flaming property of Hammer from the Forge is improved to Flaming Burst.
Forgesoul (Su): May polymorph into a Large fire elemental once per day for one minute.
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