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Post by The Hive Mind on Sun May 18, 2014 2:17 pm

The Stormborn carries the wrath of the heavens in his body. Wild as the wind, strong as the sea and as deadly as lightning, he is a fearsome foe, wild, mighty, and free.

1. Stormborn
2. Windheart (half penalties)
3. Stormshield
4. Thunderous Charge +1
5. +1 Str
6. Electricity and Sonic Resistance 2
7. Windheart (no penalties)
8. Eye of the Storm 1/day
9. Gust of Wind 1/day
10. +2 Str
11. Thunderous Charge +2
12. Electricity and Sonic Resistance 5
13. Windheart (half bonuses)
14. Stormshield (extended)
15. +3 Str
16. Eye of the Storm 2/day
17. Electricity and Sonic Resistance 8
18. Thunderous Charge +3
19. Windheart (full bonuses)
20. +4 Str

Stormborn (Ex): The stormborn carries the dangers of the storm within him. He gains a +5 bonus on any save or check involving violent weather (Fortitude to endure a blizzard, Balance checks to remain standing in strong winds, Swim checks to swim in a stormy sea, etc.)
Windheart (Ex): The stormborn understands winds and violent weather better than most. He only suffers half the penalties normally involved with rough weather of any sort, whether mundane or magical weather (skill check penalties, attack penalties, miss chances, etc). At level 7, he no longer suffers any penalties from bad weather. At level 13, he may add half the number of any numerical penalty as a bonus to the rolls and checks involving the penalty and at level 19, numerical penalties from bad weather become bonuses instead.
Eye of the Storm (Su): The stormborn can create an area of utter stillness around himself. The area has a radius of 10 feet, and no natural weather hazards or conditions apply within the area, and any magical weather conditions are subjected to an area-effect Dispel Magic, with a caster level equal to the stormborn's character level. Eye of the Storm lasts for one minute per character level.
Stormshield (Su): A number of rounds per day equal to his character level, the stormborn can manifest a vortex of wind around his body. This ability functions like the spell Wind Wall, but surrounds the stormborn on all angles, five feet out from his position. While manifesting the vortex is a standard action, maintaining it is a free action. At level 14, the stormborn can extend the stormshield out to 10 feet.
Thunderous Charge (Su): When the stormborn charges, his weapon deals one point of electric or sonic damage in addition to its normal damage, determined by the stormborn at the beginning of the charge. This damage bonus increases to +2 at level 11, and +3 at level 18.
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