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Star Trek - BOTF - Risk

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Star Trek - BOTF - Risk

Post by The Hive Mind on Mon Jun 16, 2014 2:44 pm

Below are the rules for an adaption of Risk and using BOTF to play out the battles. It s fairly simplistic.

The map and the fleet tokens can be found on the roll20 site.

Playable races:

Cardassian Union and Domininon

Klingon Empire


Romulan Star Empire

The Ferengi Alliance

The Cardassian Union and the Dominion are one and the same, one player may control both, or they can be played separate if enough players.

# of Players ----------------------Starting Fleets
2 players -------------------------60 each
3 players -------------------------52 each
4 players -------------------------45 each

You also get 2 Flagships each.

In a 3 & 4 player game divide territories as follows:

The Federation get to place 16 fleet tokens in their home territories of the Upper Federation and Lower Federation immediately.

All other factions place Fleet tokens in each of there home territories immediately with the corresponding Fleet Tokens.

If there is a faction that has not been taken control of this becomes neutral territory.

Once all starting tokens have been placed, the remaining empires continue to place tokens until they match the federation placement, these have to be within neutral territories, Once everyone has placed the same amount of Fleet Tokens, roll a dice, highest goes first followed by person to left, until all neutral territories have been taken, then if any tokens still available you may top up a sector.

Placing Flagships

After all fleets are on the board, place one Flagship on the board in a territory you control. After everyone has placed 1 Flagship, place your second Flagship in turn order. You CANNOT place 2 Flagships in the same territory.

Game Turns:

Everything is done simultaneously.

1 - At the start of your turn, you get additional fleets to reinforce your territories. How many reinforcements you get depends on the number of Starbases you control, the number of territories you control and the number of regions you control (if any).


Place 1 Fleet token on each Star Base you control.


Now count the number of territories you control (these are the territories with your fleets in them). Take your total number of territories and divide them by 3 (ignore any remainders). This is the number of reinforcements you receive. However, the number of reinforcements you receive can NEVER be fewer than 3, so even if you control only a few territories, you’ll always receive at least 3 reinforcements.



You also get reinforcements for every region you control. Remember that a region is a group of territories of the same color. If you control every territory within a region, then you control a region.
The number of reinforcements you receive depends on which region (or regions) you control (if any). The chart on the lower
left side of the war board shows how many reinforcements you receive for each region. I have placed it here to for ease of use:

Upper Federation: 5
Lower federation: 7
Outer Federation: 4
Breen Confederacy: 3
Cardassian Union: 2
Ferengi Alliance: 5
Klingon Empire: 3
Romulan Star Empire: 3
Independent Worlds: 2


Other than the compulsory Star Base Fleets, the rest are place in secret... Contact the administrator of the game with a tally of your reinforcements and how you gained them, then give a list of how many Fleets you wish placing on which territories. This will then be revealed to all players at once.


Turn order: Starts with whoever rolls highest on a dice then whoever was next etc etc. (This passes from player to player and is explained later)

Present written orders of your first round of attacks and by how many fleets in secret to the administrator. The administrator plays these out according to the given Turn order, with player 1 action happening first followed by player 2 and so on. Once all attacks have been indicated they are played out in order with the following exception, if 2 or more players attack the same enemy then they are engaged in a 3 or maybe 4 way fight.

This can mean that some Fleet captains may be caught of guard by an attack by someone else who attacks them first, please note this does not stop the defending players order from being carried out, but the action will only happen as long as enough Fleets are able to still fly out on the attack as originally ordered, once the original battle has been resolved.

You may only attack once from each sector of owned space.


Difference in Fleet sizes is the key to victory. For every 3 Fleets the player outnumbers another by, they are imagined to have better fleet support and managed to bring greater assets, cutting off the enemy and bringing greater firepower to bear against there foe. This translates into a +1 Tech difficulty setting in advantage of the player outnumbering the other for every 3 fleets. This is not a direct translation of Tech vs Tech, but the (Beginning, Early, Developed, Expanded and Advanced) settings.

Star Bases give a +1 Tech advantage in defense for any fleet with them.

Flag Ships assigned to a sector also give a +1 Tech advantage in Attack or Defense. (Note: multiple Flagships cannot combine there powers).

Play is then arranged between the 2 players and the tech levels adjusted accordingly with the defender choosing his starting tech, but allowing for the difference of Tech Levels, other Major races are reduced to Tech 1. The players can then choose small or Medium map - defenders choice. Other settings are defined by the Defender also. Any problems or questions speak with Admin.

A note on map size: Try to keep these as small as possible to allow the game to be finished in an evening or two.

A note on deciding the winner: In my experience it only takes one massive engagement and you can tell almost straight away if you are going to be able to come back from the defeat, be realistic and fair, don't drag a game on needlessly, remember you are there to obliterate your opponent, but remember at the end of the day its up to each player to decide when they throw in the towel.

If the BOTF battle includes more than 2 players the tech levels are always measured against the defender. (So be wary of other fleets near by hoping to take advantage of a potential 3 or 4 way fight - sometimes life just isn't fair...)
How the players choose to act within the game regarding alliances and forming teams is up to them, however there are no set rules for this and anything can happen. Please note, there can only be one winner.

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Re: Star Trek - BOTF - Risk

Post by The Hive Mind on Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:13 pm


Losers automatically lose all Fleets.

The winner takes half the enemy fleet in casualties rounding up. But will always have a minimum of one fleet in the sector no matter what.

In 3 or 4 way games all losers lose everything and the winners casualties are against the defender as above.


After you are finished with combat (and it is your choice when you are done), you get ONE redeployment (or “free move” or “fortification”) with your fleets.
To redeploy fleets, take as many fleets as you’d like from one of your territories and move them to another connected territory.
(Remember: You MUST leave at least one fleet behind – you cannot abandon a territory.)

Territories are “connected” if all the territories in between are also CONTROLLED BY YOU. You cannot pass through territories controlled by another player.

Redeployment is not an attack; it is simply a movement from one of your territories to another in order to protect you front line or get into position for your next turn.

If you have no Flagships in play, place one Flagship into any of your territories.

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Re: Star Trek - BOTF - Risk

Post by The Hive Mind on Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:21 pm


Good question... if the Ferengi are not involved use UDM3 or Vanilla, whichever is more stable.

If the ferengi are involved you will have to use Vanilla.

If the battle is between dominion forces and Ferengi, then use Vanilla and have the dominion play as cardassians. Or play UDM with the Ferengi as Federation. If there is a dispute the defender choices the mod.
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Re: Star Trek - BOTF - Risk

Post by The Hive Mind on Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:30 pm


This game is not meant to have the Ferengi in it, so the Ferengi can be ignored and there space reverted to neutral space, however if someone wishes to play the Ferengi it is possible. However they will be surrounded - and no ones interested in trading....
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Re: Star Trek - BOTF - Risk

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