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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:42 pm

In a land where speech decrying Izrador and the Night Kings has been banned, the power of words can never be underestimated. Speakers have taken this power to an entirely new level by honing their vocal emanations into a source of great power. They can shatter doors with a  shout, cause intense pain by wailing at their enemies, and affect reality with nothing more than a single word. The speaker often sees himself as a leader because of the power of his words those who do not heed the words he uses are fools. Others use their powers more humbly, seeing themselves as speaking for an entire population of the downtrodden and defeated. A speaker tends to choose his words carefully, and the first indication of his power may be the last thing his enemies hear.

Level Ability
1 Comprehend languages 1/day
2 Persuasive speaker +2
3 Power word (opening)
4 Whispering wind 1/day
5 Cha +1
6 Power word (shattering)
7 Persuasive speaker +4
8 Tongues 1/day
9 Power word (silence)
10 Cha +1
11 Persuasive speaker +6
12 Shout 1/day
13 Power word (slumber)
14 Language savant
15 Cha +1
16 Power word (charming)
17 Persuasive speaker +8
18 Shout, greater 1/day
19 Power word (holding)
20 Cha +1

Persuasive Speaker: The speaker gains the listed bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks in which verbal persuasion plays a role.

Power Words (Su): The speaker learns primal words that, when intoned, have powerful and amazing results. As he grows in power, the speaker continues to learn new words that can be used against his enemies. Using a word of power is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, and the character must be able to speak.

The speaker can use any power word he knows at will, but he may invoke a maximum number of power words per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. All words have a range of 60 ft., effects and saving throws as per the spell descriptions referenced (DC = 10 + spell level + speaker's Charisma modifier), and are cast with a caster level equal to the speaker's character level.

The following words are learned throughout the character's development.

Word of Opening: When intoned, this word can be made to open any door, even those locked by magical means. The speaker character can target any door or item as if he had cast a knock spell.

Word of Shattering: When intoned, this word shatters objects and some creatures as if the character had cast a shatter spell.

Word of Silencing: When the speaker invokes this word, one creature, object, or point in space is silenced as if targeted by a silence spell.

Word of Slumber: When the speaker invokes this word, one creature of 10 HD or lesss is put to sleep as if targeted by a deep slumber spell.

Word of Charming: When the speaker invokes this word, one creature is charmed as if targeted by a charm monster spell.

Word of Holding: When the speaker invokes this word, one creature is held as if targeted by a hold monster spell.

Language Savant (Su): The speaker character is so in tune with the power of the spoken word that he can understand any language spoken to him. Once he has heard a language being spoken for 10 minutes, he may speak that language fluently for the rest of the day.
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