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Post by The Hive Mind on Sun May 18, 2014 2:25 pm

Some people are tied to blood and death. To the Battlebound, the screams of the dying, the howls of the killing, the smell of battle and blood are all irrevocably tied into his existence. He has a sixth sense about blood and death, and wether he wants it or not, the Battlebound draws power from the fury of battle. His soul reaches out for the hate, the fear and the anger, the relief and the joy of survival. It fuels his thoughts and actions, and drives him ever onward. A Battlebound's prowess in battle is great, and he will be feared and respected even by orcs.

1. Battlebound +2
2. Battleheart
3. Bear's Endurance 1/day (self only)
4. Against the Tide +1
5. Bull's Strength 1/day
6. Unleashed Fury
7. True Strike 1/day
8. Deathwatch 1/day
9. Aid 1/day (self only)
10. Battlebound +4
11. Against the Tide +2
12. Greater Unleashed Fury
13. Bear's Endurance 2/day (self only)
14. True Strike 2/day
15. Bull's Strength 2/day
16. Deathwatch 2/day
17. Battlesoul
18. Against the Tide +3
19. Aid 2/day (self only)
20. Battlebound +6

Battlebound (Su): Whenever a creature the battlebound has been fighting in melee falls in combat (drops to negative hit points), he gains a +2 hit point per hit dice of the downed creature. This bonus increases as the Battlebound rises in levels. These bonus hit points fade after a number of rounds equal to half the battlebound's level, down to a minimum of one round. The battlebound must have attacked in melee or been attacked in melee by the fallen creature if he is to gain the bonus.
Battleheart (Ex): The Battlebound gains a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage roll for every ten creatures - allies or enemies - engaged in combat within 100 ft.
Unleashed Fury (Ex): If the Battlebound scores a critical hit, he gains all the benefits and none of the penalties of a barbarian rage the next round. If he is already a barbarian or has access rage in some other way, and is already raging, the bonuses stack.
Battlesoul (Ex): As Battleheart, but the attack and damage bonus changes to +1 per five creatures.
Greater Unleashed Fury (Ex): As Unleashed Fury, but the bonuses increase to those of a barbarian greater rage, and there are still no penalties.
Against the Tide (Ex): The Battlebound thrives in the heart of carnage. When faced with four or more melee opponents at once, he gains the listed bonus as a morale bonus to AC.
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