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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:47 pm

There are those who claim the spirits of ancient generals wait for those worthy to take up their mantle. Those who follow the heroic path of the tactician may be the spiritual heirs to these worthies. Their skill in commanding is unparalleled, whether desperate peasants organizing their hamlet against attacking Fell or seasoned generals rallying their veteran troops to a last stand. Though usually somewhat skilled at arms, the tacticians excel at directing others in combat, getting the most from the skills possessed by their allies.
Level Ability

1 Aid another
2 Combat overview, 1/day
3 Coordinated initiative, 1/day
4 Coordinated attack, 1/day
5 Aid another, +1
6 Combat overview, 2/day
7 Coordinated initiative, 2/day
8 Coordinated attack, 2/day
9 Aid another, +2
10 Combat overview, 3/day
11 Coordinated initiative, 3/day
12 Coordinated attack, 3/day
13 Directed attack, 1/day
14 Aid another, +3
15 Combat overview, 4/day
16 Coordinated initiative, 4/day
17 Coordinated attack, 4/day
18 Telling blow, 1/day
19 Aid another, +4
20 Perfect assault, 1/day

Aid Another: The tactician is so adept at helping others find their way in the heat of battle that she may use the aid another combat action as a move action instead of a standard action. At higher levels, those she assists with the aid another action gain the listed bonus as an insight bonus to their attack roll or AC, whichever option the tactician chose.

Combat Overview: The tactician is able to see the battle and its effects in her mind and may thereby organize her allies optimally. Use of this ability is a move action, and allows a single ally within 60 ft. to do one of the following things:

1) Avoid an attack of opportunity. Any single attack of opportunity to which an opponent would otherwise be entitled is avoided entirely by the tactician's ally. This ability must be declared on the tactician's turn and the ally and opponent who are affected must be declared at that time. If curcumstances change such that the attack of opportunity is not provoked, the ability still counts as used.
2) Treat one opponent as if he was flat-footed against the ally. Foes with the uncanny dodge ability are immune to this effect.
3)Avoid being flat-footed against one foe for the round.

Coordinated Initiative: The tactician must declare the use of this ability before initiative is determined in combat. When activated, coordinated initiative allows all of the tactician's allies within 30 ft. to use her initiative instead of theirs.

Coordinated Attack: Use of this ability is a full-round action, and the tactician's allies must delay their own actions until the tactician's initiative if they wish to gain its benefits. On her initiative, the tactician calls out a single target and all of her allies within 30 ft. may immediately make their normal melee or ranged attack rolls against that target. These attacks all receive a +1 bonus to both attack and damage for every ally involved, up to a maximum or +5.

Directed Attack: As a full-round action, the tactician may add half of her base attack bonus to one ally's attack bonus within 30 feet. THis bonus is applied to the next single attack made by the ally.

Telling Blow: Using this ability is a standard action. From the moment this ability is activated until the tactician's next turn, all allies within 30 ft. of the tactician may re-roll all weapon damage rolls once, taking the higher of the two rolls.

Perfect Assault: Using this ability is a full-round action. All of the tactician's allies within 30 ft. automatically threaten a critical hit with their successful attack that round.
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