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Post by The Hive Mind on Sun May 18, 2014 1:59 pm

A powerhouse of physical and spiritual strength, the juggernaut is a mighty agent in the fight against the Shadow. Whether rippling with muscle or deceptively petite, the juggernaut can tear down the fortresses of Izrador with her bare hands, sunder chains, and obliterate sacred relics.

1. Brute Strength +1
2. Show of Strength 1/day
3. Ignore Hardness 1
4. Brute Strength +2
5. +1 Str
6. Show of Strength 2/day
7. Show of Strength (technique)
8. Ignore Hardness 2
9. Brute Strength +3
10. +1 Str
11. Show of Strength 3/day
12. Show of Strength (technique)
13. Ignore Hardness 3
14. Brute Strength +4
15. +1 Str
16. Show of Strength 4/day
17. Show of Strength (technique)
18. Ignore Hardness 4
19. Brute Strength +5
20. +1 Str

Brute Strength (Ex): The juggernaut can perform acts of terrific strength due to her great muscular endurance and power. The character adds his Brute Strength bonus to all Strength checks, grapple checks, and Climb and Jump checks.
Show of Strength (Su): The juggernaut can briefly bolster her already prodigious strength to even more astounding levels. At 2nd level, she can do this once per day and knows one of the following techniques. As she increases in level, she can make a show of strength more often, and can learn additional ways of focusing her power.
* Shake the Earth: By stamping her foot, punhcing the floor or belly-flopping, the juggernaut can create a 20 ft. cone of vibration that travels only along the ground. All creatures and objects in the area are sent toppling to earth (creatures get a Ref save to negate) and take d4 subdual damage.
* Thunder's Applause: The juggernaut claps her hands, and that's the last thing anyone near her hears. The sound is equivalent to a thunderstone (Fort save or deafened for one hour), but the radius is increased to 30 ft.
* Hands of Destruction: With an epic effort, the juggernaut shows that no steel or stone can stand before her. Her next attack deals double damage to objects (before Ignore Hardness is taken into account).
* Surge of Power: The juggernaut raises her Brute Strength bonus by +4 at a cost: she is fatigued for one hour afterwards.
Ignore Hardness (Ex): The juggernaut's great strength and will to power allow her to ignore some of the hardness of objects she strikes. When the juggernaut strikes an object or animated object, subtract the amount of this ability from the object's hardness before applying damage to it.
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