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Post by The Hive Mind on Sun May 18, 2014 2:15 pm

Fey scholars believe that in the time of the eldethar, when the world was new and vibrant life took root, that many of the forbearer's had the power to shape the flow of life and speed the growth of what is now the Erethor. As the modern fey races evolved from the eldethar, that life giving power was lost to most of the new races. Legends speak of rare individuals who retained the power and helped shape some of the natural marvels that still exist today, even in this time of darkness and decay. Some of history's greatest healers were believed to Lifebonds. Today the gift is so exceptionally rare that Gethiane may be the last Lifebond. In an era where healing magic is rare and sickness and injury are daily occurrences, a Lifebond can save a community or even a race from extinction.

1. Imbued with Life, +2 Fort Save
2. Beacon of Life
3. Command Nature, entangle 1/day
4. Bestow Life
5. Gift of Years, age at ½ normal rate
6. Beacon of Life
7. Command Nature, entangle 2/day
8. Bestow Life
9. Powered by Life, +4 Fort Save
10. Gift of Years, age at ¼ normal rate
11. Beacon of Life
12. Bestow Life
13. Command Nature, entangle 3/day
14. Shield of Life, wall of thorns 1/day
15. Gift of Years, age at 1/8th normal rate
16. Command Nature, animate plants 1/day
17. Pure Body, immune to disease
18. Pure Blood, immune to poison
19. Shield of Life, wall of thorns 2/day
20. Ageless

Imbued with Life: The Lifebond's body flows with the boundless energy of youth, able to shrug off sickness and debilitating fatigue (gains the Great Fortitude feat).
Command Nature: The Lifebond can send a portion of his life energy into the Aryth causing the plants to reach out and bind his enemies and to temporarily come to life and serve his will. At 3rd level, a Lifebond can caste the entangle spell once per day, at 7th level he can cast entangle twice per day, and at 13th level he can cast entangle three times per day. At 16th level, the Lifebond gains greater control of his life giving powers and can cast animate plants once per day (in addition to the three entangle spells).
Beacon of Life: The Lifebond's life giving energy radiates from his body providing health and growth to all who are near him. At 2nd level, the Lifebond exudes life and health improving the healing rate of all living things (including the Lifebond) within a 10' radius (+10' per level) by 50%. At 6th level the healing rate improves by 100% and at 11th level by 200%.
Bestow Life: The Lifebond is so attuned to power of life that he can temporarily give the gift of life to the lifeless. At 4th level, the Lifebond can, once per day, temporarily bestow life to an inanimate object similar to the spell animate objects, but only one small object every 3 levels (rounded down). At 8th level the ability rises to one small object for every two levels (round down) and at 12th level one small object per character level.
Gift of Years: The Lifebond's body is so full of life that the years take little toll. At 5th level, the Lifebond ages at ½ normal rate, at 10th level ¼ of normal rate, and at 15th level 1/8th of normal rate. The Gift of Years affects aging attacks as well. For example an attack that would normally age a character ten years would only age a 5th level Lifebond five years.
Powered by Life: The Lifebond's body glows with health (+4 to Fortitude saves).
Shield of Life: In this time of darkness and decay, nature rises to protect the Lifebond. The Lifebond can cast the wall of thorns spell once per day at 14th level and twice per day at 19th level.
Pure Body: The Lifebond's life force is so powerful, that disease cannot touch his body (immune to disease).
Pure Blood: Life flows so powerfully through the Lifebond's veins, that it easily destroys any toxin (immune to poison).
Ageless: The Lifebond's body is now immune to the ravages of time.
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