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Sacrifice of Angels 2 - Gaming Nights!

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Sacrifice of Angels 2 - Gaming Nights!

Post by The Hive Mind on Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:08 pm

So its finally happening Sins of a Solar empire with the SAO2 Mod (Du heaven). Everyone is obviously very excited...

Duanes so excited he decreed that for each Session you play with Du starting from Friday 17th January there will be a +100xp bonus to your Rogue Trader characters for those partaking per continuing Multiplayer session attended.

The first session will be on the 17th January as indicated.

The map used will be:

Map Name: Fortune favours the Bold MyFist!

Map Size: Large

Players: 10

Stars: 12 (9 Alpha quadrant sectors and 3 Gamma Quadrants)

planets/Systems: 171

Pirates: Active (The Orion Synicate is ready to take any bounty you give them)

BORG NPCS?: No - Not in this scenario, Battle of Wolf 359 incoming...

Background: A map designed around the Alpha Quadrant and the Invasion of the Dominion from the Gamma Quadrant.  Players are allied with 1 same faction race each that will aid them in defending and expanding their empire.

The Dominion invasion is in full swing, and the Dominions manipulations has fractured any alliances between the the Federation, Romulans or Klingons. Within each superpower the Dominions machinations have fractured them internally into two groups as well vying for power,however the cunning skills of their supreme leaders or councils have managed to forge a almost unbreakable bond, providing they maintain diplomacy with their internal factions.
The Cardassians have been totally overthrown and there new Dominion masters are using them as meat shields and they are prone to rebellion and joining the enemy(in game mechanics and canon), they have also enlisted the help of the mysterious Breen to fight the factions of the Alpha Quadrant. Now the Alpha Quadrant stands on the knifes edge of being overrun. However the Federation Commander Taramis have manged to push back The Duminion without the aid of the Alpha Quadrant superpowers and against all odds retake DS9 and Bajor and they now stand guard over the Gamma Quadrant Wormhole granting the Races of the Alpha quadrant a reprieve (some or all of the superpowers ignore these claims as federation power plays and propaganda, or simply do not care.) and preventing Dominion reinforcements from joining the battle.
Now the Dominion spearhead is separated from the might of the Gamma Quadrant and is on the defensive and is using the Cardassian home world (Cardassia) and the Breen Home world (Breen) to consolidate and attempt to push forward with their plans to take over the Alpha Quadrant.
Meanwhile in the Gamma Quadrant the Dominion Founders are massing there fleets and the time grows near when the Federation and any allies it can muster must draw the line and stop any reinforcements from uniting with the Spearhead of of the Gamma Quadrant before they can crush it.
 Will The Superpowers of the Alpha Quadrant be able to use Diplomacy (This is the latest game update we are playing after all... woe is you if you do not take notice of it given the threat of the Dominion) and cunning to unite and force back the Dominion once and for all.  Or will the they crumble to infighting within their own faction and those of the other superpowers and allow the Duminion to wash across them when they are least prepared...

Only time will tell.

GM Notes: the following information is for in game setup, there is no way around this so lee, if your reading i hope this helps as your going to ave to setup the game as the player 1 position needs to be federation...


Host - Player 1 - Lee - Home world Bajor (additional bonus given ingame)
Player 5 - NPC Faction - Home world Earth (additional bonus given ingame)


Player 2 - John - Home world Qo'nos
Player 6 - NPC Faction - Home world Krios Prime (Klingon neutral Zone)


Player 3 - Jamie or Duane??? - Home world Romulous
Player 7 - NPC Faction - Home world Remus


Player 4 - NPC Faction - Home world Cardassia
Player 8 - Duane or Jamie - Home world Yadira Prime (Gamma Quadrant)
Player 9 - NPC Faction - Home world Breen
Player 10 - NPC Faction - New Omarius (Gamma Quadrant)

GM Notes: It may seem one sided here, a fractured unaligned alpha quadrant struggling internally as well as fighting with the other races of the alpha quadrant. However using the diplomacy rules of Sins of a solar empire its quite easy to  keep yur faction onside (simply aid them when they are attacked and send Envoy ships to there planets to give them bonues and they will do the same), Apply this technique to other Superpower factions and soon they will join you, this could be done with the Dominion as well if you are clever... But consider this in the alpha quadrant there are 6 factions that could unite against the Dominion's 2 factions, however if the Alpha Quadrant is not careful the Duminion could break through the wormhole from the Gamma Quadrant and cause all sorts of problems. Yet the Dominion are clever they could seek alliances within the Alpha quadrant and have them join the Duminion and then what... so watch your back, no one can be trusted.

You may have noticed that the Federation get some in game bonuses, this is due to them standing between the Dominion and the Alpha Quadrant, i can provide more information if asked, but honestly while a cool bonus its cool and goes well with the roleplay aspect of this scenario.

Any problems let me know.

P.S. - please someone tell Jamie and convince him to play... or we have a possible free roaming Romulans intent on the alpha Quadrants destruction. (hmmm would it be any different...)

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Re: Sacrifice of Angels 2 - Gaming Nights!

Post by Xeal on Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:36 am

I fear for the future of the Alpha Quadrant!

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Re: Sacrifice of Angels 2 - Gaming Nights!

Post by The Hive Mind on Mon Jan 13, 2014 8:25 am

That is why as Player 1 Federation you get control of the alpha quadrant side of the wormhole Wink

Does the player placements make sense though?  So you'll Host the game and set up the player slots as follows:

Player 1: Lee - Federation - Team 1 (Bajor systems and the Wormhole)
Player 2: Playable (Klingons) - Team 2 (Qo'nos systems)
Player 3: Playable (Romulan) - Team 3 (Romulous systems)
Player 4: NPC (Normal - Dominion) - Team 4 (Cardassia systems)
Player 5: NPC (Normal - Federation) - Team 1 (Earth System)
Player 6: NPC (Normal - Klingon) - Team 2 (Krios System)
Player 7: NPC (Normal - Romulan) - Team 3 (Remus system)
Player 8: Playable (Dominion) - Team 4 (Gamma Quadrant)
Player 9: NPC (Normal - Dominion) - Team 4 (Alpha Quadrant)
Player 10: NPC (Normal - Dominion) - Team 4 (Alpha Quadrant)

Leave all options as they are.

Players wait in the main lobby until Lee has the game set up. Then in the following order players enter.

john - so he can take player slot 2 (Klingon)
Jamie or Duane - so he can take player slot 3 (Romulan)
Duane or Jamie - so he can take player slot 8 (Duminion)

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Re: Sacrifice of Angels 2 - Gaming Nights!

Post by The Hive Mind on Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:48 am

Notes: In regards to Bajor (Fed - player 1) there are also some additional structures that are placed on your homeworld, there are 2 ship building factorys and 2 Elite shipyards, they additional structures are redundant and if you salvage what you dont want to keep you can get extra credits from them to start with. You also get 2 capital ships to begin with and a whole bunch of scouts.

You also get a Dominion/Cardassian Trade hub (deep space 9) in a adjacent sector (Cardassian Trade hubs can fight!) in the sector adjacent to that is the wormhole covered by another free scout...

One other thing to consider, the Fed player needs to build up some beefy defenses against the the Gamma Quadrant. Use Diplomacy to make allies and call on other players to fend off any incoming attack, perhaps you will eventually want to go on the offensive nto the Gamma Quadrant? If so i advise a joint task force...
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Re: Sacrifice of Angels 2 - Gaming Nights!

Post by Sponsored content

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