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The Forums (Important)

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The Forums (Important)

Post by The Hive Mind on Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:10 am

Consider the Forum the life and soul of the Forward unto Dawn and the Atreides Empire.  Its a players responsibility to keep track of who the crew are, what they are up too, managing endeavours and handling misfortunes.
New information will be added to the Forums and its your responsibility to act upon them in and out of session.

Warning: Not all updates to handling of the Atreides empire will be added as new posts, instead existing information will be modified and this will not show up on the latest topics tabs, so keeping in touch with crew and double checking information is key here. No one said handling an Empire or a ship housing 50000+ crew was going to be easy. If things are missed its your own fault and ill let you know in game the effects to your crew, your empire and most importantly your profit factor.

Any questions? Address it here.
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