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Gaining wealth and power within House Atreides

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Gaining wealth and power within House Atreides

Post by The Hive Mind on Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:46 pm

Scrolling down the side of the screen you will see a section called POWER BEHIND THE THRONE.

This is a loose representation of the amount of influence each major political player has within House Atreides.  Obviously these are just ball park figures that don't mean someone is better than another its just part of a fun mini-game.

The Game

Using BOTF players can engage in monthly matches to gain more power and influence. The DM will always play an NPC from within the Forward unto Dawn who will be there to defend themselves and attempt to gain more power. If all slots are taken another NPC will play the AI on hard or Impossible, depending on skill of players.

The game is a representative of political maneuvering and internal warfare within the vast Atreides empire that spans the calixis sector and the Koronus expanse.

Setting up the game

Let the DM know your interested and he will setup a time and date.

Player races are chosen by the players in the case of a dispute, the player with the lowest % of power gets first choice in cases of a tie a d10 roll off will be witnessed by all on and the result agreed upon without complaint.

NPCs not played by the DM will be set to HARD or IMPOSSIBLE difficulty depending on player skill.

Random events are turned on or off on a player vote.

Starting level is usually EARLY (Tech 2), although a player vote can change this.

The map will usually be set to MEDIUM and IRREGULAR, although both these can be changed by a player vote.

MINOR RACES is set to FEW on a small map, SOME on medium and MANY on a large map.

The winners are decided by who is left standing last friday of a calendar month. We will use the end game table to say who won, but at the end of each weekly session we check this result after saving the game to see who is in the lead. This gives all players a chance to decimate the winner...

Any player who cannot make a set POWER BEHIND THE THRONE/BOTF night relinquishes his right to win, no matter the reason, after all the 41st millennium is a dark and unforgiving mistress.  The game will continue with the missing player played by the AI. The missing player may continue to join in on other nights with the ability to knock down other NPCs or PCs and aiding who they wish to see win.  The only exception to this is if the missing player manages to wipes out all the other players by games end.  The Emperor has thus smiled upon you despite your heretical actions and you gain a win.

The WINNER gains the following percentage of power added to there own, each opponent beaten of equal or lesser percentage you gain +! % from each.  For those with a higher percentage you gain +2% and they loose the the same amount. The scroling bar in the website will the be updated.

EVERYONE participating gains 100xp, missing a session nets you 50xp, missing 2 or more gets you nothing and the primary target in the next session of all enemies (Do not commit if you cannot be bothered and dont be a sore loser if your not doing well.)

The REWARD for winning is the ability to learn any elite skill without training, xp cost must be paid though. (DM approval always needed).
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