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A note on gaining Prestige Classes

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A note on gaining Prestige Classes

Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 4:18 pm

While the list here is not the full extent of what is available within the world of midnight, these are the only ones that have been sanctioned for the upcoming campaign thus far. Please note this list does not grant automatic entry to any given prestige, unless Players are able to find teachers for these they cannot progress into these classes anyway. This could include having to search for said teachers or additional quests, in fact in Midnight most if not all prestige classes require a character to undergo some sort of test to see if they are worthy, failure usually means they are not accepted. (Not everyone gets to be an astronaut or Fighter Pilot). This adds to the realistic roleplaying element of the game as the character has to deal with rejection and either it makes the character stronger or embitter them and lure them to the shadow.

 If Players do not make it very clear what they are looking to take a prestige class way before they are expected to become them, there is a high chance that they wont be able to at the time of their choosing. Doing this through role playing is the best way as you question the world around you and make discoveries about what options could become available, simply stamping your foot and waving your dice around stating you wish to become an archmage at 8th level because you have all the prerequisites is both unrealistic and not very good role playing.

This can result in the player having to take a class at a later time than planned if not addressed correctly, and this would be normal. The World of Midnight and its fight against the Shadow does not revolve around the players quest for quick painless power. Players are encouraged to mange their expectations and develop there characters broadly to allow for access to multiple prestige classes. This game is about character development not number crunching and trying to create the perfect specimen against the Shadow of the North.

Some players may find this unfair and that is there prerogative. If players find this is a problem for them they need to consult the DM and decide if this game is suited to there play style.
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