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ELVES - The Caransil

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ELVES - The Caransil Empty ELVES - The Caransil

Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 1:06 pm

The elves of central Erethor, the Caransil or wood elves, are the most widespread and familiar of the woodland fey. They range from the southern Highhorns, eastward to the Plains of Eris Aman and the Westlands, and south to the Aruun Jungle. Their skin is the beautiful brown of ino tree wood, and their hair tends to be long, shiny, and black. Their eyes are large and dark, and they are the tallest of the elves. They wear a variety of clothes, from the dark and mottled camouflage leathers of a scout’s kit to the sunset brilliance of a courtier’s elaborate silks.
ELVES - The Caransil Arbor_10
These elves live in enormous maudrial, or homewood, trees that have been coaxed to grow in elegant but useful domestic shapes by age-old spells. The Caransil eat mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. They supplement their diets with rabbits and grouse raised in family hutches and with river fish from the Gamaril and Felthera.

The wood elves are traditionally the artists, philosophers, and craftsmen of Erethor. They are also the lineage from which have come the greatest sorcerers and battle mages of recent times. Their warriors carry longbows and longswords.


1 extra skill point per character level.
Weapon Proficiancy: Wood elves receive the Martial Weapon Proficiecy feats for the longsword and short sword as bonus feats.
Favored Region: Caraheen. Wood elves' favored region bonuses for Erethor increase by +2 when in the Caraheen.
Natural Channelers: Wood elves may select an additional known spell for their Innate Magic bonus feat, and those that gain the Magecraft feat gains 3 bonus spell energy points rather than 2.
Automatic Languages: High Elven. Bonus Languages: Colonial, Erenlander, Halfling, Jungle Mouth, Old Dwarven, Orcish, Sylvan, Trader's Tongue.
Favored Class: Channeler.
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