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Post by The Hive Mind on Thu May 15, 2014 12:16 pm

Aryth’s common folk do not dare to rise up against the rule of the Night Kings, lest their families and homes be destroyed. Occasionally a hero comes along who is so charismatic, however, that he can convince even the most reticent to aid those who fight against the Shadow. Such heroes often lead pockets of rebellion, inspiring others through their words and deeds and using their charm and power of personality to aid those in need. While their magical ability to manipulate others may be powerful, it is far more often the simple sense of hope they bring with them that is their greatest weapon.
Level Ability
1 Charm person 1/day
2 Remove fear 1/day
3 Hypnotism 1/day
4 Inspiring Oration 1/day
5 +1 Cha
6 Leadership bonus feat
7 Aid 1/day
8 Daze Monster 1/day
9 Inspiring oration 2/day
10 +1 Cha
11 Heroism 1/day
12 Natural leader +1
13 Charm Monster 1/day
14 Inspiring oration 3/day
15 +1 Cha
16 Suggestion 1/day
17 Greater Heroism 1/day
18 Natural leader +1
19 Inspiring oration 4/day
20 +1 Cha

Inspiring Oration (Su): Once per day starting at 4th level, a charismatic can deliver an inspiring speech as a full-round action. At the beginning of the charismatic's next turn, all allies within 60 ft. may gain the benefits of one of the beneficial spell-like abilities the charismatic character is able to cast at his current level. The charismatic may assign different spell effects to different allies, if desired.

This is a sonic, language-dependent effect and may not be used on unwilling targets.

Natural Leader: The charismatic gains a +1 bonus on his Leadership score each time this ability is gained.
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